Amundsen Commercial Kitchens is the leader in Oklahoma on solving customers ice needs. From 50lbs a day to 20,000lbs a day, we have the solutions. Amundsen has been leasing and selling ice makers for 40 years.

Most customers understand that an ice maker is the most service oriented piece of equipment in your kitchen or place of business. It all has to do with water and the impurities in it. When ice is made, water goes from a liquid to a solid and in this process many of the impurities from the water are deposited inside the ice maker. Scale and chlorine gas are two by-products that are hard on an ice maker. Scale build-up in an ice maker leads to lower ice production, early machine failure, utility inefficiency and poor ice quality. Leasing an ice maker from Amundsen solves this service problem. Amundsen is responsible for all service to the machine and for the replacement of your water filters. Our trained Service Techs will repair and de-scale the ice maker at no extra charge. Your monthly lease payment covers all service. No more ice machine service bills! No more water filter replacement charges!

Amundsen holds our own lease contracts meaning you deal directly with us – and not a bank or some out of state finance company. This means more personalized and better customer service. Most of our leases are within a 40 mile of radius of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. We do go out further than that though.

Customized to fit your needs

Hotels, Country Clubs, Sonic Drive Ins and convenience stores. All of these operations require custom packages and we will tailor a full service leasing program to fit your needs. Options include ice merchandisers, ice dispensers, ice baggers and ice maker/dispensers.